Mudderswag was created by mud junkies FOR mud junkies. We are a local company looking to provide the BEST seat covers possible for your ride.

While attending Mudapalooza in 2017, a group of friends were living it up in the bogs. We noticed that all of the bikes - from stock Rangers to the insanely expensive, souped-up SxS had one thing in common...  The seats all had some type of damage.  After the event, Mudderswag's founder searched all over the internet for a functional, good looking seat cover for the crew, but with no luck. It was at this very moment Mudderswag was born.

The Company's humble beginnings started with the idea to produce a few sets of covers for our small riding crew. From concept to design to production was a slow process because we wanted everything perfect and had no idea what we were doing. But we did have a vision and love for the riding game. We did know what it would take for seat covers to survive the mud, the beer, the sweat, the dogs and everything else we were going to put them through. We went through 12 different materials and prototypes before discovering the perfect padded neoprene material that is still used today. With barely any money left from the long, excruciating development process, the first box of Mudderswag covers was finally shipped!

At the next event, we showed up excited about our new covers. Not just because they looked sleek on our whips, but because we wanted to get down and dirty on the trails and see if the covers held up against the mud and anything else we could throw at them. Let's just say, the covers passed the test with flying colors and were tougher than imagined. But something completely unexpected happened during this mud ride....

Every single rider we encountered started asking about our covers and where they could get a set. That is when this humble idea, initially made for close friends, turned into a product. Although our covers have exploded in popularity, we still keep our circle small and our business local. We still treat every single customer as if they are in that same, small riding group that started Mudderswag seat covers. Although many have tried to copy our Hardcore Covers since our launch, they continue to fail. Mudderswag is not a business venture for us, it's a way of life. It is our way to help the people out there that we relate to, and that's why if you join the Mudderswag family you are treated like family.

From bankers to corporate hacks, everyone has tried to tell us "how to be more profitable" by making a cheaper product, or sourcing our materials somewhere else, or a billion other things we've heard, but nah. That ain't Mudderswag. We do this for us...  The good-souls, the hard workers, the backwooders, the farmers, the ranchers, the adrenaline seekers, the crazies, the outcasts, and the good ole boys that just like to have a little fun. And we ain't changing...

Stay Muddy My Friends